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Saturday, 8 June 2013


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[3.5.0+] Allow Google Adsense to post ads behind pages protected by login

This is a personal modification. It is not supported by any department of phpFoX. 

This is an small product that allows Google Adsense to post ads behind pages protected by login.

:: Features ::
  • Do not modifies any file.
  • You can turn off this tool by disabling the product. 

:: Requirements ::
  • Google Adsense account, so you can enter the login details. 

:: Steps to Install ::

1. Download the attached file.
2. Unzip it in your computer.
3. Upload the content of the folder "upload/" into your site.
4. Go to the AdminCP -> Extension -> Products -> Import Products and click on "Install".
5. After installation, copy the key generated by the script, found into the AdminCP -> Settings -> System Settings -> Product Settings -> Google Adsense Login Fix.
6. Into the Google Adsense login details, enter the following parameters:
  • Restricted directory or URL:
  • Login URL:
  • Login Method: POST
  • Parameters:

    login = <your email or username>
    password = <your password>
    token = <the value copied from step 5>
    adsense = yes 


Hope this add-on be useful for you!

EDIT #1:Found a small bug. Updated the add-on to version 1.1.

EDIT #2:Corrected a problem with the parameters sent by Google Adsense. Updated the add-on to version 1.2.
For those who want to upgrade, delete the product and install it again from scratch.

Attached Files

  • (2.75 kb, 44 views)

Metro-Style (MetroFox)


- 26 Colors scheme ready to use 
- Easy add Unlimited color scheme 
- Add on admincp option for your custom default color (RGB format) 
- Metro-Style Menu (unlimited links) 
- 100% mobile custom theme with Metro-Style Menu (mobile have Public Content, it's not required Login for see content like other themes) 
- User Pics Rotator Included (option on admincp) 
- 4 Alternative Homepage for Visitors (option on admincp) 
- 2 Alternative Dashboard for Mobile (option on admincp) 
- Disable / Enable Favorites Menu (only visible on Homepage) 
- Fixed Ads on Homepage, when scroll down, Ads are fixed on the right side 
- 3 Custom blocks (Pages, Videos and Blogs) 
- Custom block on Homepage for User pic, Account Info, Subscription Package, Activity point, Customize Dashboard (everything configurable on admincp) 
- Integration of Font Awesome ( 
- 100% focused on details ... each element is stylized... I spent a lot of time to this template, please carry than. 
- 100% free support and help in customization 
- And more... 


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